December 16, 2013


Thanks to all the bands that made Saladstock 2013 possible.
Sic One, Trash Face, Duracell, Buckley, Sweatshop, Dude Guyz Rad, Indian Feet, Coke Candy, Someone’s Pants, Sweet Beatz, Franky Muniz, Goblinhood, Pharaohs Cape, Man Flesh, Casey, Cool Hot Puncs, I Am Moonface, Divisions, Demolition_Kirby, Frat Turtle Twins, Cam_Deal, Negative Creep, Rice Beard, Indie Anna Jones, Clam, Angus 
From Sic One to Angus it was progressively worse, but it was pretty cool. It kinda felt like something out of this world

Here at Rat Salad Records we know finals can be stressful. Luckily, Frat Turtle Twins have new music and a new video. Take a break or two and listen, watch, enjoy. xoxoxox