October 26, 2013

The First Strike of Lightning

Yes brothers and sisters. It's what we have all been waiting for. We have all been patiently waiting for this more than the expectation of using that phrase to illustrate how long it has taken for this to happen. You guessed it. It's "Super Saiyan" the new album by Trash Face. 

October 24, 2013

To Our Fans, For Our Heroes

We recently added another member to our video production department and he became a hero. 

We can't take the time to recognize these heroes properly or even list them all. 


October 21, 2013

New Band

Frat Turtle Twins
Just check out their page on the top tabs or their soundcloud
or their bandcamp

October 15, 2013

Movie Night

If you are a traditional person, as we all are here in The Company, you like great songs, long walks on the beach, and movies. And just like everyone else, we are talking about Rat Salad Records, half marathons on the beach, and Nicolas Cage movies. These are all positive life-improving ways to spend long amount of time, but right now, as your brain processes differing waves of light to distinguish familiar shapes from a seemingly blank-white screen manipulated by your eyes, flipping the image vertically only to be flipped upright again, so that you can read and, in a different process, comprehend, you might be looking for something else to do.
Short Films are the best.
This nice lady can talk to a rat.

Oh and rat balls.com

October 10, 2013

It's Fall Pooch

Along with the changes in weather, you can expect to see changes in Rat Salad. Like a lightning bolt, we will strike destructively, swiftly, and fatally. The black clouds that accumulate into impressive floating masses, towering
beyond a single perspective, act as the only warning
for the imminent downpour. We are the clouds. 
Our music will branch out and electrify, seemingly,
empty space. Not every discharge will reach you,
but within every angle is a force that is, of course, deadly.
The ideas have condensed and assembled in the atmosphere.
This is the calm before the storm.
There is seriously a bunch of stuff in the making, at one stage or another. As Trash Face lays the foundation for the album that is four unrecorded albums away, every band (that is not disbanded) keeps writing more. 
We're looking at you Dude Guyz Rad
New stuff this fall from pretty much everyone else. Or at least one band. Honestly, I just hope someone will figure it out because I'm obviously procrastinating by making this tackle and using unfit words I find in the Thesaurus.

October 8, 2013

Tuesday Two's Day Tu Es Diem

Day 8:
Many of my co-workers are unresponsive. They fail to execute commands and progress has been slowed. Worst of all, Ctrl+Alt+Delete does not do anything to solve the problem. I can fix it, but I have cheese and the bubonic plague on my mind. No one has discovered that I am a rat, yet.
Boehner has his suspicions but he does not have a shred of solid evidence.
To distract him I'll give away more awards. 

The Trophy Tuesday goes to...
Sifl and Olly for best sock for the best drama-romantic-talkshow-televison cinema in America.

October 7, 2013

So What

The Government is shutdown for a week but don't worry. Congress and Rat Salad Records are still getting paid. Now I know this must make common government paid workers like you angry with us. Don't panic. We are giving our paychecks to arbitrary and irrelevant charities.

In the meantime, listen to our bands and enjoy a gram of soma. Or listen to it. It's a great song
With our enormous paychecks we are actually working "productively" on material for the record company collaboration "Now Rat's What I Call Music!". It will feature most, or if not, all of the bands currently signed. Yes, even bands such as Trash Face, Dude Guyz Rad!, and Pharaohs Cape. (Not to be confused with Pharaohs Caper)
That's what's in store for the future. Now go check out our bands to listen to some punk rack.