January 15, 2014

The Diet Plan

Scientists have discovered that only eating salads and rats is extremely beneficial. This diet will transform anyone carrying a few extra hundred pounds into a mid-to-late-thirties violently angry Samoan male. World leaders across the world in countries around the globe today at this time presently are agreeing to enforce this diet on citizens. Once the entire population is a screaming Samoan male, the world's problems will gradually disappear. The new diet will solve world hunger and the increase in violence will keep the population declining rapidly. Before long, humans will become extinct, leaving the earth to naturally repair itself from the damage dealt by pollution.
Save the earth. Eat Rat Salad.

January 13, 2014

Nü Band

The highly anticipated album by Soy Boys 49 is now available for a free download on their bandcamp!
They are our first band to be signed in 2014. Decide if they can compete with our veteran bands.

Upon listening to the album for the first time, I was overjoyed. Immediately, the anxieties of everyday life were brutally massacred with burning missiles delivered by the energetic, gleeful melodies. They beamed into the center of my brain, bringing light to a flawless world where every inch was incredibly fascinating. Without warning, another exuberant tune violently smashed my negative skull with one piercing blow, sending my mind spiraling through Wonderland. I laid on the ground trying to recover. Soy boys 49 showed me no mercy. They adorned cleats and proceeded to stomp the spikes into my flesh and drag their feet back towards themselves, shredding my swollen skin open. My guts rushed out onto the floor. I felt the warmth of my vital organs exit my body and wrap my hollowed soul like a damp blanket. I focused my eyes to look at the mess. Then, I realized what it meant. Every ounce of abhorrence, hatred, and hostility had been drained from me. I was free.
Soy boys 49 cleansed my character allowing me to transcend to the mental state of a hedonistic monk. Eternal bliss.
My new-found happiness motivated me to establish justice. With an unwavering smile I brought Soy Boys 49 to court to have them convicted for attempted murder. They were both found guilty and sentenced to serve twenty years in prison without parole.

January 9, 2014

More Promotion

Soy Boyz 49
coming soon...

New Dude Guyz Rad music video
"Thrash" Directed by Shūsuke Kaneko and animated by BONES

Thanks Shūsuke!

For those of you who have yet to enjoy a home-cooked meal in the new year, we have prepared new music for you.

January 8, 2014

Thank You

It is our audience that makes us incredible. Thank you for making Rat Salad Records an official work of art.

Coming Soon...

January 7, 2014


Rat Salad. 
       A genius?
                     The ocean?

It does not matter. Rat Salad has everything you need. Listen to Rat Salad Records for ten days straight, then do not listen to any music. You can suddenly hear the daily instruments of the faucet and the garbage disposal that collaborate together on the soundtrack for the day. Through education, the Company has managed to develop its music to match the perfection of scientific laws.

Learning is fun.

January 2, 2014

Forget About the New Year

There is new Trash Face on their bandcamp.

The guitarist and singer of Trash Face had a near death experience when he was the victim of a car accident.

Exactly 8 years ago today he was flung face-first into a bus through the window of his mother’s minivan. He was in the ICU for a week before he was healthy enough to leave. Countless, and seemingly endless, surgeries had been performed on him during the majority of his stay. At the end of the week one surgery was left, but an interval of 7-10 years was required in between the thousands of surgeries he had already survived. He rented a 4 by 10 room separated by sheets during this time. People rarely visited him. This left him with all the time in the world to think about himself. He observed his bodily functions often which became the inspiration for the last 2012 Trash Face album entitled “Dos Graves”.

When 8 years passed, bringing us to this year, Drew passed the physical that approved him for the operation. He should have not been approved. His body had been so heavily sedated that his tolerance to the anesthetic made it impossible for him to be operated on comfortably. The doctor’s did not care about comfort and cut into him anyway exactly like that one song by Slayer. The pain became the inspiration for the last 2013 album by Trash Face entitled “Dos Graves Otra Vez”.