Indie Anna Jones

Est. 2011

Indie Anna Jones is credited for being extremely charismatic and having the largest discography under the almighty Rat Salad Records name.

Their Story:

The band thrived for fourteen months recording more than five releases. Unfortunately for everyone on earth, tensions heightened exponentially between all eleven of the members after the release of "Demo" (2011). This lead to the expulsion of three associates including the homicidal pencil pusher, and the two who were involved in a love affair, all of whom were named Cameron. Seven of the original eleven remained only to find themselves hating each other more every day.
Cameron threw his guitar directly into Cameron's stomach during the recording of "Pile of White" (2012). Threats of vandalism of Cameron's car were constantly knee-jerk responses when addictions riddled the psyche of Cameron. Countless arguments would force Cameron over the edge, causing him to pour milk on Cameron without his consent.
By the bands prime in the era of "BB" (2012), five more members were either kicked out or in a rehabilitation facility. Only Cameron and Cameron were left and they felt the pain from seeing their friends hit rock bottom. Together, they gathered inspiration for "Tropical Skin" (2012) by visiting Cameron at Rock Solid Recovery. Most of the songs from "Chunglish"*(2013) were written and given to the only remaining members by Cameron while he made peace with God at The Discovery House. He has not, however, made his peace with the beach. Cameron decided to leave Indie Anna Jones shortly following "Aryton Senna"(2013). This left the band severely under-staffed. In turn, Cameron decided to wait until the members were released from their rehabilitation centers to record new material.

Talk of a solo project under the name Rice Beard has floated around the company which has resulted in the recording of a cover that is in the possession of all members of Trash Face, MAN FLESH, Sweet Beatz, and Clam.

Rice Beard in the flesh lives as a breathing human being, functioning in a society of other living, breathing human beings in the flesh

*stylized CHUNGLISH