Coke Candy

Coke Candy cover art
Est. 1991

"To me that was, maybe, one of the more obvious songs that could translate to you know uh, a poppy-er, harmony heavy, girl groop, version, of it. [sic]"

Their Story: 

The fridge broke. All of the food spoiled. Sam had nothing to eat. He ate a megaphone. It tasted decent.
Sam went on a megaphone diet & his life changed. He lost a ton of weight, he went to the gym instead of the diners, & he ended his five year abusive relationship. His future was so bright that he had to wear sunglasses.

Sam wore sunglasses everywhere & everyone thought he was super cool. He didn't really do anything that cool though. He decided to live up to his reputation & he made a band. The name of the band was "The Coca-Cola Candies". He played the french horn in the band & he composed most of the songs but the recordings were lost in a random anti-piracy raid accident. One of the raiders was looking for his arm that was blown off from the explosives that were used to enter the apartment adjacent to Sam's. The raider stumbled inside Sam's apartment asking him "Well have you seen it? Did you find it?" Where is it?" With which Sam responded "Did you check the fridge?". He was frustrated about the whole raid being that close to his home & he was frustrated with his broken fridge. He was using the fridge more like a dresser to store the stuff that didn't need to be cold, such as his board games, his books, & his "The Coca-Cola Candies" recordings. The raider bled all the way to the fridge, opened it up, & grabbed the recordings mistaking them to be his lost arm. Sam was furious but he got over it eventually. He stopped wearing sunglasses but he kept eating megaphones. Then he made a new band called "Coke Candy".