Pharaohs Cape

Est. 2012
Pharaohs Cape is a trio of hospitable, pulchritudinous, and majestic young men.
(From left to right) Cameron, Iain, and the Former Kirby C.

Their Story:

For a band with a career as extensive as Pharaohs Cape, the story is only fit to be told from the beginning. On October 15th, 2012 the first version of "Juke City 99" was released. At the time, Cameron and Iain, and Cameron and Iain alone, were Pharaohs Cape. Time passed, hurricanes hit, kids ate apple pie, Santa flew over as the King of the Hill Christmas special aired, subway sold sandwiches, songs were probably written, and eventually Kirby became the bassist of Slayer. 
When Pharaohs Cape heard the news of Slayer's new bassist they realized the missing piece in the band was having those low-end sounds in the songs. So Iain went to work on recruiting surgeons from all over America to lower his cat's voice. All of the surgeons turned down every offer because they were not veterinarians. Just when their spirits sank within their stomach, a thin and tall figure lurched forward from the shadow in the room and handed them his card without a word. They called the number on the back of the card and made an appointment with the surgeon named N. O'Ana Stesia. The consult resulted in an estimate of 500,000 US dollars to preform the surgery. They thought of playing shows to raise the money, but they could not play shows until the surgery was done on Iain's cat. It was a Catch-22 in every direction. 

Cameron and Iain stepped out of the surgeon's office and into the waiting room. It was in that room where they met Kirby. He had an appointment with Stesia, to talk over the surgical path he would need to take, to fulfill his life-long dream of being independent from breathing. Yet, upon hearing the story of Pharaohs Cape, he proposed a solution to their problem. He suggested that he could quit Slayer and be Pharaohs Cape's bassist, until they raised the money needed for the surgery. They agreed and began working immediately. Kirby left before his appointment with N. O'Ana Stesia and did not reschedule. 

Having another member made the song-writing more fluid and, as a result, "He Found Shade" was released on the 15th of March. The band then went on tour and raised quite the profit, all of which was being saved for the operation to give the cat a lower voice. This goal was never forgotten because it was kept alive through the artwork at the core of Pharaohs Cape.

Just as many other good things in life, their success was cut short, because of the untimely death of Kirby C. His strong desire to be free from the chemically bonded molecules of oxygen, that acted as shackles to a reminder of his limitations, caused by the burden of breathing, caused him to hold his breath until he died on July 7th 2013. This could have been prevented with a simple surgery.

After his funeral, Pharaohs Cape released a single track titled "Mother" which features old recording sessions of Kirby.