Soy Boys 49

Est. 2014

Soy Boys 49 is a power-pop duo with one album under their belt so far. "Nü Wave" is made up of bumpin bass, twinkling piano, &, of course, magnificent vocals.

Their Story:

The conception of Soy Boys 49 to the release of their first album was a long, arduous journey. 

It all began at midnight on January 1st, 2014. A barn glows softly from a few lit candles inside somewhere on the California countryside. Enter the Soy Boys laughing & holding hands. They sit on the closest bale of hay, looking around at the pens within reach of the candle's light. As their eyes curiously circled around the barn, they caught each others gaze & did not say a word. A smile inched a path on both of their faces at the same time when they knew that they were thinking the same thing. Their faces eagerly moved in closer, with expressions of anticipation gently twisting into more intense shades of excitement. Cameron ran out of patience & broke out of their tied movement when he spoke barely a few inches from Drew's face. "We should record some pop songs right now!", said Cameron, keeping his smile intact. Drew was slightly shaken by Cameron speaking early, as he believed that they had a mutual understanding to say that at the same time. Yet, he didn't let it show because he wanted to keep the peace instead of pointing out a small issue, & he wanted to start recording as soon as possible.

Recording "Nü Wave" was a piece of cake for the boys. They set up mikes & did a sound check in about 5 minutes. Then, every track was completed after one take. Accounting for the set up & the tear down, recording the album took about 20 minutes. 

Getting their raw recordings produced was only the beginning of their problems when they were trying to launch their career. They took them to Warner Brox. & they couldn't have taken it out of the soy boys's hands faster. They refused to produce it because they were only looking for a neato lo-fi band to cash in on the younger crowd. The boys needed their record to be produced so they rejected the Warner's offer & brought their business to So Knee. Luckily, the boys were wearing shorts on the day of their pitch & So Knee couldn't get enough of their songs & their caps. They call knees "caps" for short at the company for efficiency. The songs were produced professionally & the boys were excited to hear the finished product. Much to their dismay, their songs had been produced into neo-avant-garde-cherry-post-protopunk-dance-thrashmetal & was already airing in car commercials all over America. They hated the song because it was too accessible so they left So Knee to try their luck at an independent label.

When they arrived at Rat Salad Records on January 10th, it was smooth sailing from then on. The record was produced by Sweet Beatz exactly how the boys wanted it. Then the handsome label hyped the release on social media & the release on the following day was a huge success. 

The only thing Rat Salad has failed at is keeping the fans under control. At shows, it can be hard to protect the boys from unpredictable fans. Inside the internet, it is nearly impossible to remove all the download links that leak their new material. 

Soy Boys 49 continue to make music even through hardships because nothing can stop them when they won't stop running in the face of opposition to their goal to make it to the top no matter what without concern for their own well-being sometimes  & sometimes you just gotta make it to live right now in this moment & that's how you know it's real.