Indian Feet

Bipolar Bear cover art
Est. 2012

His Story:
It was a hopeless day in 2012 & Iain was on his way outside. He grabbed a trashcan with a medium amount trash to throw it in a larger trashcan. Before he could complete his task, his friend spotted him from outside. The neutral gender character walked inside & explained the purpose of the visit. Iain rejected his friend's purpose. He didn't want purpose to loiter that close to him. At first, his friend was offended. Iain noticed.

He informed his friend:
" I had some people ask me the other day why the titles blue and I told them it's cuz the reflection of the ocean is 20% getting sent back to the air while the other 78 million percent is nothing and of course they sit in the little room waiting to look at it but of course try not too and whats that mean for them that we look like the sky and simply just do nothing so of course we asked him who he is and just when we thought we had him he gave us his cylindrical beads to pass on and most would respect such a wish but we knew it was special so we did too... And most the time mongos say why should air be nothing I am water and dirt is awkward whenever there's a fake penny next to it and then Terrence decides to put it on my reddit as s joke and not that I was angry but my father was dissapointed in the dirt for not having any shame which is why I thought I could agree but of course changed the situation and Making it look like a lost molecule found only by the fake penny and the only conclusion drawn by any of us is when...terry you will missed R.I.P [sic]"

Legend has it that Iain saves the lives of 7.3 & a half cats with this every six & two gallons years.

The first 7.3 & half cats that were saved decided to make a band with Iain & Indian Feet was born.