Rice Beard

Est. 2013

Their Story:

Rice Beard  started off just like any other high school band. A few friends that loved music got together on Friday nights to cover Blink-182 songs until one kid's mom baked some chocolate chip cookies & coaxed them away from their instruments & out of her house. It was all good clean fun. 
The dynamic of the band changed quickly when Cameron decided to take over on the Tuba. They decided to stop doing covers & make their own original songs. As the lead Tuba, Cameron was in charge of writing lyrics. The drummer helped to write lyrics as well but he struggled to give his lines structure because he had personal issues with identity, due to his lack of a name. The triangle-player composed the songs. The band had only two songs recorded, which were each about 33 minutes long.  
Cameron hated the two songs. Rice Beard  then broke up & Cameron made music under his own name "Rice Beard". 
His new project focuses on making short, to-the-point songs. & It's all free.