September 23, 2013

So good

Trash Face is almost done with an album that they consider to be "ok". They reveal that they are "kinda stoked now, but the newer stuff, that hasn't been recorded yet, is better".

When asked about a release date, they alternatively reply with shrugs at opposite intervals with such incredible precision that if one was balanced on the others shoulders, and they continued to shrug, that each would act as perfect examples of Newton's Third Law of Motion.

Of course, this is in the given frictionless environment, where Trash is only a visible representation of the acting force, and Face is the reacting force. It reminds one of using gears to explain Newton's Third Law of Motion.

Also, we have new merchandise, new bands, and new, more positive, views on life.
Pressed Bunson? You know it's pressed bunson
Positive views on life

September 16, 2013

So far


Rat Salad's new band
No it is not Pressed Bunson
But do not be sad
Rice Beard is pop punk,
He don't luv you anymore
Jessica Alba

I like haikus now
At least I think that I do
Oh here's the bandcamp

September 5, 2013

The Buzz

September 3, 2013

Day 2 of the Pharaohs Cape Tour

The events of the night could not have been any better for the final day of the tour. 
What brought home the gold was the hysterical fan that tried to befriend the band almost immediately. 
Unfortunately, he came off too strong, again, and the band rejected his love. 
Drama broke free from this Italian restraunt owner's hairy chest as he called 911 for his broken heart. The police arrived shortly after they realized he did not require medical attention. They stayed and listened to Pharaohs Cape play instead of dealing with the distraught, irate ponytailed man. 

Even though nothing can mend his pain, Rat Salad awards him first place, for fan enthusiasm. 
He is the first man to ever win our Trophy Tuesday competition. He is breaking racial boundaries as well because of his Italian heritage. With his ponytail and Obey shirt as his weapon, he demolishes the wall between straight trophy winners and gay trophy winners. Congratulations!

This has been Day 2