Dude Guyz Rad

Est. 2013
Dude Guyz Rad is a skate-punk duo consisting of two angelic and noble young men. 

Former Members:
Kirby Cox
Abbadon Leviathan
Whoopi Goldberg
Current Member:
Drew Emerson

Their Story:

The former three members of Dude Guyz Rad are all currently deceased.  These positive, creative, and skate-punk oriented minds were lost in a freak sky diving accident.

It was the 82 days since the release of "DGR" so Whoopie decided to take the band sky diving. They were all excited and happy for each other and the world. They rejoiced and shouted things like, “Right on!” and “Wow so stoked!” at random times as the plane climbed into the thinning air. At the top of the course, the instructor, who was George Michael’s lover, said it was time to go-go. Everyone jumped simultaneously and held hands to form a spinning, human four-pointed star. They all released their parachutes and landed safely. They decided to go again because of a limited time buy one get one half-price offer. They served complimentary apples with the offer. Granny smith, fuji, red delicious, mackintosh, anything. On the plane ride up Abbadon choked on an apple, causing Whoopie to jump out of the plane without a parachute, because she was terrified of choking victims. She landed unharmed, having fallen only four feet, until she slipped face first into a pile of hard candy and began to choke. Her eyelids opened with the speed of a 100 Billion MPH triple kickflip orbiting VY Canis Majoris and she panicked. The emotional strain of falling victim her biggest fear proved to be too strenuous for the skate punker. With the determination of instinct, she began to sprint head first into the hangar. Whoopie collapsed after two strides and choked to death. Drew's eyewitness accounts of the tragedies haunted him immediately, so he sought out comfort in twizzlers filled. Again. Kirby, however, did not see either of his band mates die. During the commotion he decided to stop breathing. He died in three minutes.

Drew now focuses on other Rat Salad Records bands such as Trash Face. Yet, he occasionally reminisces about Dude Guyz Rad listening to many unfinished songs and sobbing incessantly.