Frat Turtle Twins

Est. 2013
The neo-freeform-folk-rock-band "Frat Turtle Twins" is an improvisational duo. Closely related acts include, but are not limited to: Cam Deal & Demolition Kirby
They write songs rich in emotion. Go to Costco and buy 15 16 17 19 18 20 21 boxes of all purpose kleenex tissues. It is a necessity when listening to the melancholy-drenched experiences that are bleated and wailed in these ballads.They have a total of three albums out & they are all free.

Their Story:
Cameron had just been released from rehab, but he decided to go back to the needle. He needed a fix quickly, so he drove recklessly through red lights, chain-link fences, & mobile homes until he finally arrived downtown at his old shooting gallery. At three hours & eleven minutes in the morning, the golden light from the hexagon high above his head floated a friendly light below. The ground now glowing, Cameron stepped out of his car, he raised his head toward the sign, & he took directions from God, reading the romantic deep red letters aloud, too low for him to hear over the blur of noise from the street, but it vibrated his throat so that he had the satisfaction of knowing what he said. The repetitive movement restricted by the pull of skin stretched from a necked cocked upwards was all too much. "Denny's". He savored the syllables then scurried off-screen into the fine establishment to shoot up. Like stereotypical junkie, he overindulged and overdosed. In a comatose state, his mind was influenced easily by people who were talking around him. One family sat in his booth & discussed their belief in guardian angels. This is when Cameron met his guardian angel.

He remembered that his friend had just died, & since he believed himself to be dead, he resolved to find his friend. In his mind, he walked away from his body, the family, & Denny's. He searched for a month in Golf courses, Obscure art shows, Fountain valley garages, Urgent Cares nationwide, Kayak stores, in Yahoo search engines, Old navy fitting rooms, Ugly rainforests, Ralphs grocery stores, Self-parking cars, Elevators, Lifted trucks, & in the Final frontier. Then he gave up & went back to Denny's.

He was frustrated that he would never find him, so he found a stranger at the dining bar who was willing to listen to his tale. The man was the robust figure who boys dream of becoming one day by eating all of their vegetables. He was not a mountain man; mountains were toughened by him. He was patient listener as well.

Cameron had finished regurgitating his month's events, more for his own pleasure than for anyone else's, when he felt an angelic light on his face again. He turned to see that it was flowing from the man he was talking to. The light was nearly too bright to see anything, as it felt it was shining from inside his own skin, so he lifted up his hands to just find shade. He found shade. Cameron began to see facial features. A pair of eyes, some dark eyebrows, a smile. "...K-Kirby?" he asked into the celestial kaleidoscope of brilliance. "Drop it" he replied & Cameron's hand dropped. "It is time to make music now" said Kirby calmly while he shook Cameron violently. His whole world quaked with the force of one thousand earthquakes until he was suddenly aware of reality again. He acknowledged the family waiting for their food when he woke up, but he had work to attend to now. He threw the child across the room before she could finish connecting the dots. Within the next twenty minutes, the 1st Frat Turtle Twins was recorded & uploaded.