August 9, 2013

In Honor of Indie Anna Jones

After a company field trip to Rock Solid Recovery and The Discovery House, permission was granted for a new way to enjoy the music of Indie Anna Jones.
"Indie Anna Jones: The Golden Years 2011-2013" is a collection
of only a small number of excellent songs that have been recorded
by this band. It features a staff-picked track list of thirteen songs,
including the previously unreleased track "Night". 
It is available for free download

The Review:
Listening to the album one thing stuck out about it. There was little to no digital remastering done on any of the tracks. Every extra high or low pitch on the original song was in this album. Although I believe they could have stood a bit of volume and warble fixing on a few of the tracks it was entirely for the fans. I would guess that they had this in mind when they decided not to monkey with the original recordings. Reviewing this album was more of a pleasure than a task. It is definitely going to be one of my favorites for a while.

Rock Solid Recovery and The Discovery House are both outstanding centers and do excellent work in helping those in need every day. If you or a loved one seek the help provided by them, please take the steps necessary for recovery. 
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