October 7, 2013

So What

The Government is shutdown for a week but don't worry. Congress and Rat Salad Records are still getting paid. Now I know this must make common government paid workers like you angry with us. Don't panic. We are giving our paychecks to arbitrary and irrelevant charities.

In the meantime, listen to our bands and enjoy a gram of soma. Or listen to it. It's a great song
With our enormous paychecks we are actually working "productively" on material for the record company collaboration "Now Rat's What I Call Music!". It will feature most, or if not, all of the bands currently signed. Yes, even bands such as Trash Face, Dude Guyz Rad!, and Pharaohs Cape. (Not to be confused with Pharaohs Caper)
That's what's in store for the future. Now go check out our bands to listen to some punk rack.