August 26, 2014

Frat Turtle Twins 2014 - ∞

The 2014 album by Frat Turtle Twins, "Anth", is free on their soundcloud.
Your digital copy includes a lyric book made available to anyone who emails us at

In addition to the lyric book & the album, a music video is about to be uploaded. Here's a promo for now...

For those of us just now tuning in, Frat Turtle Twins is a Neo-Freeform-Folk-Rock band based in California. Their 2014 album, "Anth", is picking up speed in the Goth scene with prominent members such as Peter Smurphy making comments to the media claiming that "This album belongs in..." & that "['Anth'] is a piece...".

There's no need to put labels on this cutting-edge band that eats neo-anarchy for post-hardcore-breakfast & hits the studio harder & chiller than every other band residing inside sunny Southern California. Their love for freedom in musical structure translates into a mind-bending adventure for summer fun.
Hurrry up & stream it. It's free you know? No worries!